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I’m sure many small business owners ask themselves the same question. What can a website do that the telephone or the yellow pages can’t ? Being old fashioned, it may seem hard to realize that besides the television, the internet is now the second largest form of advertising. It has become the new yellow pages. (In fact, the Yellow Pages even has a website now).


There are a number of advantages to putting your business online, even if you have no desire to grow as a company. As more and more people look to the internet for their information, the phone calls to your small business will dwindle off to an occasional ring. Why call a number and a name to fire off ten questions about the business, when you can read one or two pages online and in less time come to a conclusion about the company. As a business owner, do you have the time to sit there answering phones, answering repetitive questions about yourself? Below, I’ve listed the six major reasons how having a website can benefit your small business, no matter how small your company is.


A website gives your business tangible benefits such as:


  • Giving new contacts an easy way to learn more about you.
  • Making updates easier and less expensive than printed materials.
  • Providing a place for all the information you need to answer prospects' questions.
  • Making your company look professional and established, while extending your brand.
  • Helping you find and connect with new clients.
  • Enabling you to hit the business goal you're reaching for.


To help make the process of moving online easier financially for you; I design websites for as little as £35* a page. The setup fee will be £60 including a domain name and a 5GB webs-hosting and unlimited emails. This all will allow you to keep in control of your finances.


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