Logo Design

Logo Design


Why is a logo important? Does it matter what it looks like? Is Yours Professional?


These are some good questions to ask when you are considering to get a logo design or already have a logo for your business. See, a logo speaks volume about your company


A logo is an image or graphic used to visually represent a business. The goal of logo creation is to use colors, graphics, text and photos to create a single lasting image that captures the essence of a business.


Think about it:



What happens when I say, “Coca Cola” “Kodak” “ESPN” ? You automatically invision their emblems. Or remember how refreshing the carbonated soda is. Think about the big red logo. Or the old school Polaroid where you shook the picture to dry. Right?


A logo makes it easy for the consumer to relate to the product.



Logos are important because they keep your brand consistent. Logos can be printed on products, packaging, marketing materials, websites and signs. The goal is to put your logo in places customers are likely to see it, and reinforce that recognition pattern with multiple viewings.



Your company’s brand name and values are also reinforced with marketing opportunities. Corporate sponsorships (banners at the ballpark and athletic jerseys) and email marketing.


A logo is essential for every business/organisation. I will design the perfect logo for your business/organisation. You can give me your ideas and we can work on it together; if not I can always design what is most suitable for you.