Letterhead Design

Letterheads Design


Does Your Business Need A Digital Or A Printed Letterhead?


A business's letterhead is one of the most essential marketing pieces. A letterhead enables you to send your company's brand out on all of your communications with your clients and vendors. This not only gives you the opportunity to build up more recognition of your brand, but it also makes your business look established and credible.

However, being a small business or an organisation, you don't need to send out printed letters - instead you can send out an email with your document attached as this would do the same task. However, the advantage of printed letterhead is that it often looks more professional.



How to figure out which form of letterhead you need?


  1. Determine how you plan to use your letterhead e.g. Writing personalized letters and other correspondence or Invoicing.
  2. Decide if you're more likely to use printed or digital method to send out letters.
  3. Think about which format your clients would prefer to receive your communications in. On the other hand, if you need any further help; I would give you free advise which is best for you!


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